Course overview

The Raffles English Program is one of Mongolia’s most acclaimed English curriculum. Since its inception, the program has been taught by highly qualified lecturers with international qualifications (100% foreign faculty) to assure world class quality.

Spacious, clean, comfortable and well maintained learning rooms are provided to achieve an optimum environment and a meaningful learning experience. Raffles English teaching methodologies foster active and effective language learning with its strong emphasis on students’ grammar, listening, writing, reading, and speaking skills.

Program Design:

The REP or Raffles English Program has six levels and students enroll in the appropriate level depending on each student’s English proficiency.

Why Our English Language Program is Right for You:

  • Students start with the Oxford English testing assessment
  • Friendly environment and 100% skilled foreign teaching staff
  • Latest teaching materials including audio and video learning component
  • Morning, afternoon, and evening classes available
  • Regular testing to gauge student’s progress
  • Fluency in English upon completion of Level 6 Course.

Corporate English Language Programs:

Raffles International Institute Mongolia offers premium English language training for companies operating in Mongolia. We can deliver English courses on-site in the morning, afternoon and evening classes available.

Admission Requirements:

Completion of Oxford Placement Test at Raffles Campus
Completed Raffles International Institute Application Form

Program Intakes:

January, April, May, July


  • An introductory English course for beginners, concentrating on basic structures and vocabulary.  Students learn the foundations of English and become more confident for further learning.
  • The course builds on the foundations students mastered in Level 1.  Students work to become more accurate with their communications by practicing grammar concepts, vocabulary in sentences, reading, speaking and writing.
  • Students work on their communicative and writing skills for everyday situations.  This course introduces foreign situations including travel experiences, different cultures and what it is like to live or study in a foreign country.
    • Complex grammar is taught to enable students to express personal opinions and thoughts.  Students gain more confidence in order to read properly and understand the context of the material, write descriptive sentences and paragraphs and speak confidently in front of the class in English.

  • Students gain further understanding of grammar in order to write more effectively.  Emphasis is on work situations or situations students may face if and when they are living abroad.  Students master how to write academic essays and critically analyze text in sentences and paragraphs.

  • This course focuses on Advanced English Skills (AES at Raffles Mongolia) and strategies required to perform successfully on the IELTS test.  This course focuses on the four components of the IELTS test:  Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.


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